Products & Applications

Products & Applications

Slag Cement in High Performance Concrete - SCIC #15 
High performance concrete (HPC) offers enhanced properties not found in conventional concrete, including higher compressive and flexural strength, lower permeability, lower heat generation, and greater resistance to alkali-silica reactivity and sulfate attack. SCIC #15, Slag Cement in High Performance Concrete, examines the role of slag cement in creating high performance concrete, and cites examples across the country in which slag cement helped achieve high performance goals. Slag cement has been used effectively in high performance concrete applications for more than 20 years.
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Producing Precast and Prestressed Concrete with Slag Cement - SCIC #16
SCIC #16, Producing Precast and Prestressed Concrete with Slag Cement, explains how slag cement enhances traits necessary for successful production of precast and prestressed concrete products. These products are used in housing and landscaping applications; sanitary and storm water products; water and wastewater products; transportation applications; and utility, industrial and farm products. Slag cement enhances numerous qualities of good precast and prestressed products—in both plastic and hardened forms—including durability, workability, strength, consistency and color.

Producing Concrete Pipe with Slag Cement - SCIC #17 
There are several ways of manufacturing concrete pipe. SCIC #17, Producing Concrete Pipe with Slag Cement, explains that while slag cement proportioning may vary among different manufacturing systems, the material assists in achieving goals that are common to all manufacturers of concrete pipe: strength at early ages, surface texture and density, permeability, sulfate resistance, and consistency. Pipe created with slag cement (typically 20% to 50% of the mixture's cementitious material) typically fits into place with more precision and contains fewer surface voids, and the consistency of slag cement helps create more reliable pipe products.
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Producing Concrete Block with Slag Cement - SCIC #18
SCIC #18, Producing Concrete Block with Slag Cement, examines the benefits that slag cement brings to block production. Proportioning of slag cement in concrete blocks will vary according to the temperature and length of curing, but slag cement consistently enhances certain qualities of concrete block no matter how it is produced, providing: architecturally appealing lighter color; a finer, tighter surface texture or more swipe; reduced efflorescence; decreased permeability; and increased compressive strengths. Most manufacturers use between 20% and 50% slag cement as cementitious material.
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Slag Cement in Residential Concrete - SCIC #19 
The durability, versatility and beauty of concrete are increasingly attractive to homebuyers. SCIC #19, Slag Cement in Residential Concrete, explains how slag cement can be used in almost any residential application, including footings, sidewalks, garages, driveways, basement walls and floor slabs. Slag cement benefits, like improved workability, lighter color, smoother surfaces and long service life, contribute to the construction of better houses. Slag cement has little or no impact on residential construction practices, as long as builders take the same care in handling slag cement concrete as they would with conventional concrete.

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