Terminology and Specifications - SCIC #12 
An excellent primer for those new to the slag cement industry, SCIC #12, Terminology and Specifications, offers definitions of 12 basic slag cement-related terms, including slag cement, granulated blast furnace slag, blended cement, hydraulic cement and pozzolan. Standard ASTM specifications necessary for those working with slag cement are summarized, including ASTM C 989, ASTM C 595, ASTM C 1157. Three pertinent ACI Committee reports also are summarized. This information sheet is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about using slag cement concrete.
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Suggested Specifications for Slag Cement in Concrete - SCIC #13 
SCIC #13, Suggested Specifications for Slag Cement in Concrete, provides guidelines for using slag cement in concrete mixes for general use, and in special exposures and applications. This information sheet includes a table with suggested percentages for various applications, including concrete paving, interior flatwork, concrete blocks and mass concrete. Standard specifications (ASTM and ACI) are cited, and instructions are given for consideration of mass concrete exposure to sulfates alkali-silica reactivity exposure to deicing salts and freeze-thaw durability.
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