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Dr. Sutter Presents "Slag, The Other SCM" at National Concrete Consortium

In April, Dr. Lawrence Sutter spoke at the National Concrete Consortium to a group of over 200 DOT officials from over 30 different states. This isn’t the first time he has presented to this crowd, but it is the first time he presented on slag cement.

At past events he has focused his presentations primarily on fly ash and the durable attributes it has in concrete.  Still focused on durability, he switched the subject matter to Slag Cement and its role in durable concrete construction.

His message was clear - and can be best summarized through a quote he gave us shortly after the event.

sutter-lawrence-pers...“For the past 20 years I have been involved with research on improving the durability of concrete when exposed to deicers. In all testing, slag cement has always been a top performer, significantly reducing concrete permeability and improving durability. I encourage the use of slag every chance I get. The product consistency and its overall performance make it an excellent choice for an SCM to improve concrete durability overall.”

A copy of his presentation is available below.  If you would like to find out how to schedule a presentation on slag cement with SCA representatives, please contact SCA Executive Director, Drew Burns at


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