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This research paper illustrates the potential value in introducing slag cement into concrete drainage systems. The reduced permeability benefits of slag cement can help reduce the coefficient of friction between water and concrete, thus promoting water flow in drainage systems. The use of slag cement in these applications can lead to cost savings on system maintenance and construction while helping prevent damages to the drainage system.
The reactivity of 11 different GGBFS materials is quantified and compared with other SCMs to “classify” the GGBFS. Furthermore, one GGBFS is used as replacement for OPC at levels of 20, 40, and 60% to study the effects of the GGBFS on cementitious paste properties such as heat release, compressive strength, and bulk resistivity.
Twelve construction projects from across North America were chosen to showcase the broad applications of slag cement and its impact on creating more durable, resilient and sustainable concrete. Two research projects on slag cement use are also being honored in this year’s program.   
We are currently seeking voting, observer, and commenting members for the Slag Cement Product Category Rule (PCR) committee.
The 2020 Slag Cement Project of the Year Awards Nomination Process is now open.
Explore the benefits of using different supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) in your mix design. Attendees will leave the presentation with a clearer understanding of how slag cement and other SCM’s enhance concrete, making it more durable, stronger, less permeable, and more sustainable. Additionally, the session will explore slag cement’s effect on slump, workability and its enhanced finishing properties. The session will also highlight case study projects that have utilized slag cement...
**Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the SCA Awards Ceremony has been postponed for the time being. We hope to re-schedule this event during the ACI Fall Convention in Raleigh North Carolina and more details will be posted soon.**
Browse our list of state fact sheets concerning the use of slag cement specific to that state.
In April, Dr. Lawrence Sutter spoke at the National Concrete Consortium to a group of over 200 DOT officials from over 30 different states. This isn’t the first time he has presented to this crowd, but it is the first time he presented on slag cement.At past events he has focused his presentations primarily on fly ash and the durable attributes it has in concrete.  Still focused on durability, he switched the subject matter to Slag Cement and its role in durable concrete construction....
Student: Amy McDaniel, Trevor Looney, University of Oklahoma The outstanding strength and durability properties of ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) make it an ideal material for use in infrastructure applications. The purpose of this study was to develop UHPC mix designs that were cost-effective and able to obtain comparable properties to commercially available products, then evaluate the performance of the best mix design when used as a joint material.
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