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Newly Released Slag Cement Efficiency Model

The Slag Cement Association has released a mix design and cement efficiency model template for industry use. The downloadable Excel model consists of two components; a mix design calculator and cement efficiency evaluator.

The purpose of the mix design calculator is to aid the user in proportioning a combination of available materials to produce concrete. The cement efficiency program is designed to correlate the “cost versus performance” of the cementitious products used. The program only evaluates the cement ingredients in the mix and not the aggregates or chemical admixtures.

The SCA has also recently released it’s Life Cycle Assessment Calculator for slag cement, which evaluates the sustainable performance of slag cement in concrete. These two tools help convey to owners and project teams the value of slag cement in optimizing concrete mix designs.

Product Disclaimer:

As with all concrete mixtures, trial batches should be performed to verify concrete properties. Results may vary due to a variety of circumstances, including temperature and mixture components, among other things. You should consult your slag cement professional for assistance. Nothing contained herein shall be considered or construed as a warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Any calculations performed by these calculators are based on data and assumptions provided by you, and any risks associated with such data and assumptions shall be borne by you.

These calculators are intended solely for general information and educational purposes and are provided to help decrease the learning curve for those inexperienced in mix design and use as well as to provide more experienced users additional reference tools. The calculators are not intended in any way as engineering or concrete design advice or services, or as a solicitation for any engineering or concrete product or service.


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