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Slag Cement University

Slag Cement University is a central source of educational resources on slag cement use in concrete construction for university professors and students. Professors can easily incorporate the content of Slag Cement University into existing construction management course material.

Content was curated and developed by SCA members and staff to provide an overview of the applications, uses, and benefits of slag cement use. Content includes syllabus, exam questions, slide decks, and pre-recorded presentations on various topics.


If you are looking for additional handouts, information, or resources, please reach out to SCA Director of Marketing, Nick Brimley at





Technical Information Sheets SCA’s 30 technical information sheets provide an overview of various applications and topics regarding slag cement use in concrete. These 1-2 page documents are good resources for students to review in order to prepare for exam questions. The references mentioned in these documents can provide further information on these topics.

1. About Slag Cement

2. Concrete Proportioning

3. Concrete Time of Set

4. Saw Cutting Joints

5. Producing and Placing Slag Cement Concrete

6. Reducing Permeability

7. Mitigating Sulfate Attack

8. Mitigating Alkali-Silica Reaction

9. Reducing Thermal Stress

10. Greening

11. Slag Cement and Fly Ash

12. Terminology and Specifications

13. Suggested Specification Provision for Slag Cement in Concrete

14. Compressive and Flexural Strength

15. Slag Cement in High Performance Concrete

16. Producing Precast and Prestressed Concrete with Slag Cement

17. Producing Concrete Pipe with Slag Cement

18. Producing Concrete Block with Slag Cement

19. Residential Concrete

20. Ternary Concrete Mixtures with Slag Cement

21. Blended Cements

22. Slag Cement and the Environment

23. Slag Cement and Life Cycle Prediction Models

24. Slag Cement and Controlled Low Strength Material

25. Use of Slag Cement in Soil Cement

26. Waste Solidification using Slag Cement

27. Effect of Slag Cement on Shrinkage in Concrete

28. Slag Cement and LEED

29. Reduce Scaling with Slag Cement and Good Concreting Practices

30. Slag Cement and Portland Limestone Cement in Concrete

Presentations and Pre-Recorded Webinars

The 1-hour webinars and slide decks listed below provide a well-rounded look at the various applications and things to look for when using slag cement in concrete.

Slag Cement 101: Improving Concrete by Using Slag Cement

Speaker: Jay Whitt, Lehigh Hanson Cement

This slide deck provides an overview of the resources available to the industry on slag cement use, and the various benefits and applications of slag cement in concrete. This presentation is intended to be the kick-off presentation to any incorporation of these resources into classrooms. Use the slide deck to present the information yourself or use the pre-recorded webinar to begin diving into the benefits of slag cement.

Webinar Recording. *Webinar starts at minute 3:30

Performance of Slag Cement with Portland Limestone Cement in Concrete

Speakers: Professor Doug Hooton, University of Toronto; Professor Jason Weiss, Oregon State University

Early-age performance of slag cement with Type IL cement has been found to be equal to or better than with Portland cement from the same source. The alumina in the slag cement can react with more of the finely divided limestone to form additional carboaluminate hydrates that then results in reduced porosity and increased early-age strength. There is also reduced permeability, as indicated by ASTM C1202 test results.

While some early published papers indicated a potential concern for an increased risk of low-temperature thaumasite sulfate attack, our extensive long-term tests on concretes have shown that Type IL cement- slag cement combinations are as resistant to sulfate attack as Type I cement-slag cement combinations and more resistant than equivalent w/cm concretes made with Type V cements to both the ettringite and thaumasite forms of degradation.

This presentation will include discussion on these two topics and will also look at some recent projects with these materials. Speakers will walk through different reaction rates such as resistivity and diffusion with portland limestone cements, strength results and modeling.

Webinar Recording

Geotechnical Applications with Slag Cement

Speakers: Gordon McLellan, Lehigh Hanson

The presentation will provide information on how slag cement can be used in soil stabilization projects. The design process, standard design criteria, laboratory testing examples, and field test case studies will all be covered in this presentation.

Webinar Recording

Improving Concrete Performance with Slag Cement

Speaker: Professor Doug Hooton, University of Toronto

Explore the benefits of using different supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) in your mix design. Attendees will leave the presentation with a clearer understanding of how slag cement and other SCM’s enhance concrete, making it more durable, stronger, less permeable, and more sustainable. Additionally, the session will explore slag cement’s effect on slump, workability and its enhanced finishing properties. The session will also highlight case study projects that have utilized slag cement and how it has elevated concrete performance when in combination with other cementitious materials.

Webinar Recording

Demonstrating Resilient Results with Slag Cement

Speaker: Shawn Kalyn, St. Marys Cement

This webinar discusses the role of slag cement in creating carbon friendly and sustainable concrete. An overview of Environmental Product Declarations, Life Cycle Assessment tools and LEED credits associated with slag cement use are discussed.

Webinar Recording *Webinar starts at minute 4:50

Mitigating Alkali Silica Reaction in Concrete with Slag Cement

Speakers: Keith Maddrey and Clayton McCabe, Argos USA

Adding slag cement to a concrete mix design can help prevent Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR), which leads to severe concrete cracking and deterioration. Illustrated through case study examples, this webinar will cover how slag cement works to mitigate ASR.

Webinar Recording

The Role of Slag Cement in Creating Sulfate Resistant Concrete

Speakers: Keith Maddrey and Clayton McCabe, Argos USA

This webinar will explore sulfate attack in concrete, how slag cement can be used to combat these affects, and the testing methods used to prove its effectiveness.

Webinar Recording


More webinar recordings are available on the SCA website here.


Case Studies

The SCA website houses a wide range of case study examples of slag cement use. Use the web matrix here to review different projects including bridges, stadiums, airports, schools, pavements, hospitals, etc.



SCA members and staff developed 80-question exam provides a testing method for universities incorporating slag cement university materials into their curriculum. The exam set includes:

  • Online exam option

  • 80 question exam (clean)

  • Exam answer key

  • Exam syllabus, directing where the questions were pulled from the above resources.

Digital Flashcards

Students can study for the Slag Cement University exam by using interactive, digital flashcards.

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Research Scholarships

In 2020, the SCA expanded its annual awards program to include a research category. Winning projects receive a $1,000 stipend to attend the ceremony. More information on this program can be found here.

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