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The SCA works with its member companies to develop slag cement related resources for industry professionals to use.


Case Studies

The Slag Cement Association (SCA) has been honoring the exceptional use of slag cement in concrete construction since 2010 with the Slag Cement in Sustainable Concrete Awards Program. These case studies show exemplary use of slag cement in the following categories:  Architectural, Durability, Infrastructure, High Performance, Innovative Applications, and Lower Carbon Concrete. 


Videos and Webinars

Slag cement is used in durable concrete construction throughout the United States. This collection of videos and webinars are here to help answer any questions that may arise with slag cement use and to highlight outstanding projects that have used slag cement. 

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The SCA has compiled a list of related websites with additional resources for construction professionals.

Find Slag Cement

Material availability and supply is an important factor to the timeline and budget of any project. The SCA is proud to promote the use of slag cement to ready mix producers and industry professionals who understand the durable and sustainable benefits of slag cement in producing high quality concrete. Professionals agree, where other cementitious materials fail to produce consistent results, slag cement produces a more workable concrete with enhanced finishability.

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