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Avon Park Air Force Range – Juliet Ramp & Airfield Pavements

Avon Park, FL
Award: High Performance

Project Team

Owner: U.S. Air Force

Contractor: Roundhouse PBN

Concrete Contractor: IPC Paving

Engineer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Concrete: Jahna Concrete

Slag Cement: Argos

This project consisted of 18,000 yd3 (14,000 m3) of new cement concrete pavement for the U.S. Air Force at the Avon Park Air Force Bombing Range. This project featured the reconstruction of a runway, turnout, and Delta ramp, and new Juliet Ramp parking area to support the mission of the U.S. Air Force. The cross-section was a 12.5 in. (317.5 mm) concrete pavement section on a graded aggregate concrete base. A 650 Flex concrete mixture was used consisting of a 72/28 blend of type I cement and slag cement. The average flexural strength for this mixture was 670 psi (5 MPa) in 3 days and 850 psi (6 MPa) in 14 days. Achieving timely and reliable early strength was important on this project to drill dowels within a few days so that the adjacent lanes could be promptly placed. Slag cement was used on this project for its ultimate strength characteristics. In addition, slag cement contributed to the success of this project with its inherent benefits of easier placeability and improved workability when used in concrete construction.

% Slag Cement Replacement


% Portland Cement


% Other SCM (if applicable)


Water/cementitious ratio


7-day strengths

782 psi (5 MPa)

28-day strengths

870 psi (6 MPa)


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