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Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Award: High Performance

Project Team

Owner: GBT Realty Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie Architect/Engineer: Gresham Smith AIA Concrete: SRM Concrete Slag Cement: Holcim

One 22 One is a 24-story office tower located in the Gulch Neighborhood in downtown Nashville, TN, USA. The building construction is a concrete frame with a curtainwall glass envelope. Slag cement was used in almost every cubic yard of concrete delivered to the One 22 One project. For mass concrete, 7000 psi (48 MPa) at 56-day mixture designs with 65% slag cement replacement were used. The post-tensioned decks were placed with 5000 to 8000 psi (35 to 55 MPa) concrete mixture designs incorporating slag cement.

All of the high-strength concrete mixture designs, including self-consolidating concrete mixtures ranging from 8000 to 12,000 psi (55 to 83 MPa) also used slag cement. With slag cement as an integral part of the concrete, 43,000 yd3 (33,000 m3) was supplied for this project.

Slag cement allowed the design to achieve strength targets. Using slag cement with ternary and quaternary blends helped achieve early strength gain and stay on schedule.

Application Type

% Slag Cement Replacement


% Portland Cement


% Portland Limestone Cement

% Other SCM (if applicable)


18.22 cf

Water/cement ratio


7-day strengths

7500+ psi

28-day strengths

9000+ psi


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