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One Manhattan Square

New York, NY
Award: Sustainability

Project Team:

Owner: Extell Development Company

Contractor: Pinnacle Industries II, LLC

Architect: Adamson Associates/Dattner Architects

Engineer: Dattner Architects

Concrete: Empire Transit Mix Inc.

Slag Cement: Lehigh Hanson

This 72-story high-rise residential building is 847 ft (258 m) is located at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge on the East River in New York, NY. Slag cement was used for sustainability and durability purposes on this project. In addition, slag cement helped with strengths and sustainability. The pumpability of the mixture containing slag cement helped speed construction along.

% Slag Cement Replacement

40 to 70%

% Portland Cement

60 to 30%

% Other SCM (if applicable)


Tilcon NY/NY sande stone

Water/cementitious ratio

Range 0.28 to 0.40

7-day strengths

8000 psi (55 MPa)

28-day strengths

10,000 psi (69 MPa)


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