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Orlando International Airport: New South Terminal

Orlando, FL

Award: Architectural

Project Team

Owner: Greater Orlando Aviation Authority “GOAA”

Contractor: Terrell Materials

Concrete: Terrell Materials

Slag Cement: CEMEX

In this project slag was chosen primarily because of the long-term unavailability of Fly Ash. As an alternative, slag cement has a proven demonstrated performance history of use in Florida in terms of strength, consistency, and durability. A total of 30,460 tons of slag cement was used, which resulted in a total Cement usage of 38,196 tons. The application was concrete paving broken down with by lean “Econo” base, P501 paving both slip form and hand pours.

Supplied on site batch plant owned and operated by Terrell Materials. Terrell went with slag cement on this project due to long term uncertainty with Fly Ash.

% Slag Cement Replacement

44% on average with all mixes

% Portland Cement

56% on average with all mixes

% Portland Limestone Cement

% Other SCM (if applicable)


#57 & #89 and Natural Sand

Water/cement ratio

Varies by mix

7-day strengths

28-day strengths


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