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Riverworks Ferris Wheel

Buffalo, NY

Award: High Performance Concrete

Project Team

Owner: Buffalo Riverworks

Contractor: Brawdy Construction Inc.

Concrete: VCNA United Materials LLC

Slag Cement: VCNA St. Marys Cement (U.S.) LLC

In this project slag cement in combination with Portland Limestone Cement was use for mass concrete. Both the slag cement and PLC were used to demonstrate low carbon concrete options. Being mass concrete, therefore Exact Cure system was used. After three days the resulting temperature of concrete was a max measurement of 128F. Which, the slag cement helped with heat of hydration keeping the concrete below 158 F to prevent thermal stresses. Due to the use of curing cylinder the 3-day strength averaged 3250 where the field cure averaged 1600 psi. Using the exact cure option, the early opening was achieved to allow production schedule installation of wheel. The concrete was placed in July 2021.

The Riverworks in Buffalo, NY, located on the Buffalo River, is a unique waterfront redevelopment venue for skating, hockey, curling concerts and now has a Ferris wheel attraction. The wheel is uniquely positioned on a mass concrete foundation placed on a previous concrete silo terminal.

Application Type


% Slag Cement Replacement


% Portland Cement


% Portland Limestone Cement


% Other SCM




Water/Cement Ratio


7-Day Strengths


28-Day Strengths

​3000 psi


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