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Farmington Hills, Mich., (Nov. 14, 2023) – The Slag Cement Association (SCA) and NEx, an ACI Center of Excellence for Nonmetallic Building Materials, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on October 30 at the ACI Concrete Convention in Boston, MA.

The MOU sets forth the terms and understanding between the SCA and NEx to use their individual and collective resources and expertise to develop the knowledge needed to use nonmetallic materials in the built environment effectively.

SCA Marketing Director Nick Brimley (bottom-left) and NEx Executive Director Jerzy Zemajtis (bottom-right) sign MOU at the 2023 ACI Concrete Convention in Boston, MA. Also shown (from top-left to top-right): Aramco Representative Saleh AlWohaibi, NEx Board President Waleed Al-Otaibi, NEx Liaison Director Gusai Al Aithan, and NEx Technical Director Aparna Deshmukh.

Under the MOU, SCA will share its technical and educational resources on the utilization of slag cement to increase the sustainability and durability of concrete structures. NEx will facilitate the development and adoption of design and construction codes to foster better practices and material selection, with a focus on carbon reduction.

“As an Allied Partner, the Slag Cement Association is able to collaborate with NEx on the reduction of carbon emissions in our industry.” stated SCA Marketing Director Nick Brimley. “We look forward to NEx being able to utilize our many resources, such as SCA’s case studies, educational webinars, and Life Cycle Assessment Calculator.”

The collaboration between SCA and NEx holds great promise in furthering carbon reduction in the industry. By combining their expertise, resources, and networks, they are committed to driving significant progress in enhancing the durability, resiliency, and sustainability of concrete.

For more information on NEx, an ACI Center of Excellence for Nonmetallic Building Materials, please visit


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