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The Blonde Apartments at 8th and Main

Cincinnati, OH
Award: Green Design

Project Team

Owner: North American Properties/NorthPointe Group

Contractor: Dugan and Meyers LLC

Architect: John Senhauser Architects

Engineer: Al. Neyer

Concrete: Hilltop Companies

Slag Cement: Skyway Cement Company

The Blonde Apartments at 8th and Main is a 13-story building. Each floor is 10,000 ft2 (900 m2) and the building includes 125 living units. This building features a rooftop terrace along with a gym, yoga room, and a common space on each floor. The building is in a prime location downtown and features micro and studio apartments. The location of the structure is in the central business district of the city and provides direct access to the Cincinnati Bell Connector (previously known as Cincinnati Streetcar) as well as entertainment and dining destinations.

Slag cement was used to create a high-strength concrete mixture that would consistently perform in the summer heat. Using slag cement, the high-strength mixture stayed workable longer than a mixture consisting of only portland cement, as well as helping to stay on schedule with the post-tensioned decks. The use of slag cement granted a strength curve that allowed the desired F^C to be reached to put stress on cables as well as reach the 6000 psi (41 MPa) that the mixture was designed for in 28 days, consistently.

The benefits that the contractor experienced from using slag cement was the consistent quality of the mixture. They had consistent strengths throughout the job that allowed them to stay on schedule.

% Slag Cement Replacement


% Portland Cement


% Other SCM (if applicable)



57 gravel

Water/cementitious ratio


7-day strengths

5000 psi (35 MPa)

28-day strengths

6000 psi (41 MPa)


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