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Case Studies


  • The addition of slag is nothing new and it has been appreciated for its durability for decades. Since MDOT has specified it starting I believe around 2005, those new pavements appear to have performed exceedingly well. It's such a shame that most of the roads built in the 1990s had to be reconstructed so soon, ultimately consuming vastly limited funding that should have been used for other improvements, a backlog that MDOT may not catch up to until 2030 (if ever). I remember being disappointed at the original 1976 I-275/I-96 CRCP pavement only lasting 20 years until major maintenance and ultimate reconstruction was needed. I assumed the 1999/2000 reconstruction would outlive me. It didn't, but I fully expect the 2016 infill reconstruction to do so. MDOT now builds some of the best concrete pavements in the nation.
    2/12/2018 1:12:15 AM Reply

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